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Plastic Extrusion Mould



Profile shapes mould

Vacuum Sizing Sleeve

PP-R Lan Style Machine Head


PP-R Spiral Machine Head

Plastic pipe mould

1. PP, PE pipe mould

• Specification: Φ 10mm-Φ630mm

• Type of mould: basket, spiral, co-extrusion composite mould.

• Character of mould: flow speed of melt is reached to.

• 1. no cone rod bracket, then avoid flow line.

• 2. low pressure, high extrusion capacity, the extrusion capacity is reach to 80*% of output

• 3. compact structure, reasonable connection, convenient to change.

• 4. made of mould steel

• 5. stainless steel or copper water ring calibrating sleeve.

II.PVC pipe mould

• Specification: Φ16mm-Φ630mm

• Type of mould: bracket, or co-extrusion type composite mould, made of excellent steel mould, stainless steel or copper water ring calibrating sleeve.

III. Sheet (board) mould

• Specification: 0.15mm-30mm

• Width of sheet (board): 200mm-2200mm

IV. PVC Profile and WPC mold

• Specification: make of 3Cr17, anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion. It can make depends on customer’s requirement.



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