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EPS Foaming Sheet Production Line

(1) Appliance:
EPS foaming sheet is a new packing material. It has many advantages such as good heating insulation, shock absorbing, noise proof, moisture proof, safety. So It is widely used in packing of fruit, food, electronic, commodity, hardware etc.  
(2) production process:
Using EPS as material, inject in vesicant by high pressure at the extruding course, then make into high foaming sheet after die extruder and cooling tank.
(3) Parameters:
Output: 3000Kg/24h
Total power: 200Kw
Power supply: 380V
Model of final product: 1080-1200mm
Model of machine: type of 65/90、105/120、120/150
Dimension: 27.00×5.50×2.30m
Weight: 10000Kg

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