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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Lines
  PE/HDPE/PVC large dia. double-wall corrugated pipe is a new-type plastic tubing with the annular ripple on the outside wall and the smooth structure on the inner wall. Compared with other structures of non-conventional wall tubing, its weight is much lower than that of even wall tubing or concrete tubing at the same annular stiffness due to its excellent design of tubing wall structure. It is easy to connect and construct. The cost of tubing can be decreased by a large margin and it can increase the ompetitiveness of tubing market. It is popular and applicable generally abroad and it has greatly substituted the traditional concrete tubing and other structure wall tubing. With the further deepening of the state capital construction, large dia. double-wall corrugated pipe will be more widely used in the departments of city planning, water conservancy and post and telecommunications, etc. due to its superiority and vitality. PE/PVC large dia. double-wall corrugated pipe has been designed and developed carefully in our factory on the basis of the experience of producing tubing equipment many years and the most advanced technology and manufacturing engineering in the world and it is a special processing equipment at national leading level. It has adopted the man-machine interface to control on the whole line with high degree of automation, easy to operation and running steadily.
PE/HDPE/PVC double-wall corrugated pipe production line
PE/HDPE/PVC large dia. double-wall corrugated pipe is a new-type plastic tubing with the annular ripple on the outside wall and the smooth structure on the inner wall.
HDPE Water and Gas Supply Pipe Line SJGZ-450 Model
This extrusion line designed by our company selected special extruder and adopted computer control. The screw has barrier unit and special material mixing components and barrel has new style grooves that achieve good plastication and mixing effect. The complete line assured great output and stable production.
HDPE cable silicone core pipe production line
HDPE cable silicone core pipe is mainly used in engineering services such as pipeline system of outdoor cable,public information network,company transmission system,wired cable network and highway communication.
PPR cold / hot water pipe extrusion line
This production line mainly uses to produce the tubing production line which takes the PP-R resin as the raw material, when it is also suitable for the tubing production with PB, PPC, PE resin as the raw material.
PPR Pipe Extrusion line SJPPG-90/30-160 Model
PPR Pipe Extrusion line Features of PPR pipe production line 1.Extruder of PPR pipe machine: specially designed for PPR pipe, equipped with imported reducer, grooved feed bush and BM screw 2.Mould& Die of PPR pipe extruder: co-extrusion spiral die assures adequate crisscrossed material flow, and more even international pressure distribution with a static mixing system for option 3. Calibrators of PPR tube machinery: stable vacuum calibrating and optimum cooling result thanks to the special design and multi-section water membrane cooling
PVC Pipe Production Line
Features of PVC pipe production line: 1.Extrusion die of PVC pipe line : innovative spiral flowing structure, homogeneous melt distribution with selective temperature control 2.Vacuum calibration water tank of PVC pipe plant: with visible stainless steel structure, With two-stage vacuum system in vacuum calibration tank for large diameter pipe 3.Spray cooling water tank of PVC pipe extruding line: special spray ensure fast cooling effect, stainless steel effects environmental concept, With accurate water level & water temperature automatic control system with advanced valve& element.
PVC inner spiral noise-abating pipe production line
PVC inner spiral noise-abating pipe production line is composed with twin screw extruder, spiral die mould, vacuum sizing table, cooling tank, spiral drawing machine, spiral pipe special-using cutting machine and titling table. The auxiliary machines include high-speed mixing machine, powder feeding machine, etc. This production line is mainly used for extrude PVC spiral pipe which has spiral hollow rigid in the inner wall. This pipe can reach the effect of drainage and noise-abating.
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